Friday, November 22, 2013

41: Disturbing Wisdom

The Project
Nearly finished chapter 4 (Portfolio Management) but I’m struggling to create a yin and yang graphic to illustrate the portfolio life cycle. I’ve created the basic shape with one large and two small circles and made the two small circles black and white but I can’t work out how to make the other two segments black and white. If anyone out there knows how to create a smooth curved vector or how to flood fill a segment of two overlapping objects in InDesign please help!

Things happen on a project and it is important that the project manager finds out how and why. The wise project manager finds out and acts accordingly.  The poor project manager, even if they do manage to find out, dismisses it as nonsense.  The poor project manager thinks kindness is weakness and selflessness is not the way to get ahead.  

The Way  
People who do not see how things happen are sceptical about the wise project manager’s behaviour.  Because his motives are obscure he is hard to figure out.  It is not easy to understand a person whose foundation is invisible.  But this is the way things happen.  

The best scholar hears of the Tao,  
And practices it diligently.  
The average scholar hears of the Tao,  
And sometimes practices it and sometimes not.  
The foolish scholar hears of the Tao,  
And ridicules it.  

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