Friday, December 27, 2013

46: No Win/No Lose

The Project
I finally managed to finish chapter 9, it’s been a struggle but like they say there is no gain without pain.

It’s good to have a happy project team as it tells you that things are going well.  But there will always be conflicts of opinion in the team, that’s only right and natural.  There is no point in the project manager trying to stamp these out, as they actually create energies which are creative forces.  Many times a spark of genius or a great idea will evolve from heated discussion about the different ways of doing something.  

But a poorly run project can look like a battlefield.  If the project manager loses sight of how things happen, differences of opinion will turn into quarrels which can begin to devastate the team.  This all comes down to the project manager’s attitude.  Wanting to be right will blind people to the real work of the project.  

The Way  
There should be no personal wins and no personal losses in project team work.  The wise project manager knows that it is important to be content with what is actually happening and not get worked up about what might or might not happen.  The only thing that matters is the team.  If the project manager nurtures the team they will be successful.  

When the Tao is in the universe,  
The horses haul manure.  
When the Tao is absent from the universe,  
War horses are kept near the city.  

There is no greater calamity than greed,  
No greater misfortune than avarice.  
So he who knows that enough is enough,  
Will always have enough.  


Matthew said...

Daily scrum: During a sprint, the scrum team should meet for just 15 minutes at the start of each day to catch up on progress. Each individual should state what they achieved the day before, what they plan to achieve on that day and highlight any potential issues they are facing.

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P M Blogger said...

Thanks Matthew, that's exactly what I said in "Agile Project Management in easy steps" (page 78). Cheers, John.