Friday, April 04, 2014

PMI Netherlands Summit 2014

3rd edition PMI Netherlands Summit
Once again I find myself on the bloggers team for those good PMI folks in the Netherlands and following on from their very successful events in 2012 and 2013, the PMI Netherlands Chapter & CKC Seminars are organizing the 3rd edition of PMI Netherlands Summit on: 

Thursday, June 12th 2014 
The PMI Netherlands Summit is a unique event for Project, Program and Portfolio professionals to inspire and to be inspired. The central theme of this event is “The thin line between project success & failure”, something very close to my heart.  The full program is now available at:

The program provides a full range of topics addressing the central theme, presented by national and international thought leaders and experts. I picked out the following sessions that particularly appealed to me:

Making the Impossible Possible: Is there sanity and success in the midst of chaos?
The presentation will look at a current large successful project in an environment of many objectives to achieve with stringent deadlines to get to market. Amy Andrade will explore the elements inherent with this project which allowed it to be successful – though by best practice standards it was impossible.

Project governance Project Sponsor: Cross the Line Challenge
The project sponsor is an extremely important success factor for projects, in order to obtain better results, to improve teamwork and to ensure that the energy put into the project is effectively deployed and that the project remains focused to realise the benefits for the organisation. In this lecture, Bart Hoitink challenges you to cross the line towards excellent project sponsorship.   

How to recover a derailing project
Derailment is a subtle or sneaky process. Its symptoms are rarely visible in the standard project reports. Its causes are a combination of rational and irrational behavior. It is the irrational side of derailment which escapes the attention of project management standards. Learn how to recognize early and late symptoms of project derailment and how to deal with the dilemmas involved in setting up a recovery from Peter Storm.  

Control in a changing world
Studies show that in industry, more than half of all projects do not deliver on the promises they set out to achieve. Failure of such a project can sink a company. So what happens? Dick Wynberg will discuss the role of project managers in a complex project. Do they really manage HSSE, cost, schedule, quality, or are these merely the outcome of a failure to manage risk? 

What every waterfall PMP needs to know about agile but was afraid to ask
In this workshop it will be explained that Agile Project Management differs from conventional waterfall and that it should be regarded as a different PM method. The concept of the Agile PM life cycle is introduced and the consequences of it will be discussed. Finally Frank Hendriks introduces PMI’s PMI-ACP certification as a way to manifest oneself a competent Agile Project manager.

Taming Tigers
Finally Jim Lawless (author of Taming Tigers) will give a unique presentation based on his experience of carrying out an “impossible” change twice to prove that his principles work. Taming Tigers is Jim’s metaphor and he will present his Ten Rules as practical tools to overcome any barrier. As a bonus delegates will receive a free copy of his book during the Conference.

Do check out the full program and if you go enjoy the event. Unfortunately I am not able to attend this year’s event due to other commitments but I’m sure it will be great.

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