Friday, June 06, 2014

65: Trying to be Clever

Back home again after two interesting weeks in the Republic of (South) Korea for a Korean wedding and a tour of the country.  Had a great time and the Korean people are really nice. Only problem was I couldn't access my main email account and my (1G) mobile phone didn't work there!  But it made it nice and peaceful.

The Project
No problems or queries from my publishers yet on Project Program and Portfolio Management in easy steps, hopefully no news is good news. 

The Way  
Some project managers tend to see the world in terms of theories and often have a very intricate view of what is happening.  Simplicity and clarity are difficult for them and they are consequently very hard to work with.  They try to be clever, but this only ends up confusing the team members.  

The wise project manager does practices a way of life based on consciousness and wisdom.  By returning to an awareness of what is happening, they clarify things and enlighten the team.  Keeping things simple will save them a lot of trouble.  

Of old the ancient masters,  
Did not enlighten the common people,  
But kept them ignorant.  
People become difficult to govern, 
If they become too clever.  

Using too much cleverness to govern,  
Will ruin the country.  
Not using cleverness to govern,  
Will bring happiness to the country.  
He who understands these two rules,  
Understands the principle.  

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