Friday, August 01, 2014

73: Courage and Caution

Project Program and Portfolio Management in easy steps should be released any day now and it seems like an eternity since I put the final draft in. I haven’t yet decided what to write about next.

As ever there is a lot of conflict in the world today and we often hear the word courage applied to soldiers but that is an active form of courage that tends to get people killed.  The other form of courage is a passive or inner courage and that keeps people alive, but which of the two is better?  

As is often the case, there is no right answer to that question.  Each has its benefits and its drawbacks; neither takes precedence in the way of the project manager.  The way is about how things happen, but it does not guide us on what we should do.  

The Way  
The poor project manager, when uncertain of what to do, frequently asks for advice.  The wise project manager knows that he has freedom of choice and must therefore take individual responsibility.  By becoming more conscious of what is happening, he can see how things happen.  By seeing how things happen, he can make a decision about what to do.  The way teaches us that that what people do is their own responsibility, but the pattern of their behavior still follows natural law.  The wise project manager knows that no one else can make decisions for him, it is up to him.  

The brave in daring will be killed.  
The brave in not daring will survive.  
Of these two, one may benefit, the other may harm.  
Some things heaven dislikes, who knows why?  
Even the sage finds this difficult.  

The Tao of heaven:  
Does not contest, and yet it conquers,  
Does not speak, and yet it answers,  
Is not summoned, yet it arrives of its own choice.  
Centered yet with a good plan.  
Heaven’s net is very large,  
Very open yet nothing drops through.

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KatherineF said...

This was exactly what I needed today. It is constant process to be mindful and remember "the way is not the true way."