Friday, July 08, 2016

Simple Wisdom

It has been interesting looking at our politicians at the moment as they scrabble to convince us how good they are (apart from Boris, who did the exact opposite and Jeremy, who is just being Jeremy). It is of course the same for project managers. Poor project managers are ambitious and desperate for success. They want advancement but this will create havoc for their project team.  

The Way
The wise project manager concentrates on making sure the project team have what they need to create the project and protects them from external interference. Getting things done doesn't have to be frantic and the team don’t have to be busy. If we just act normally and co-operate with one another, the project team can achieve great things. The wise project manager is concerned that the team functions well and that what they do is effective. 

The Tao  
Lao Tzu tells us: 

Do not glorify great men,  
And the people will not quarrel.  
Do not treasure valuable possessions,  
And the people will not become thieves.  

Therefore the sage would lead by:  
Emptying people’s minds,  
And filling their stomachs.  
By weakening their ambitions,  
And strengthening their bodies.  

If people lack cunning and desire,  
Those who scheme will not dare to meddle.  
Practice not doing and all will be well.  

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