Monday, August 01, 2022

The Way is not a Thing

In my last post I told you that the immunotherapy treatment was taking its toll on me and it got progressively worse. It reached the stage where I had to ask them to stop the treatment, which they reluctantly agreed to, but insisted on giving me a whole sequence of scans to check progress. I would like to say that due to my powerful visualization and positive thinking I managed to cure myself, but that would be untrue. It seems the immunotherapy has actually worked. Today I had final confirmation that the cancer is gone. I am on a steady course of reducing the steroids they put me on and will be able to talk to my GP about what other drugs I can stop talking (hopefully the blood thinners). So life suddenly looks a whole lot rosier.

Agile Time Management

Initial feedback from my two experts was that it sounded like an advert for "4,000 weeks: Time and How to Use it" and anyone picking up my book would put it down and go and find that instead! Point well taken, I have now completely re-written it coming at it from the basis of similar open source information. 

Meantime I am still experimenting with my bread making (for fun) and writing up the story of my life (for my son and daughter) and what I wish my father had done for me. But I must make it a bit more humorous, I don't want it to be a dull read.

The Way

The Way is not a Thing; it is a single unifying principle. It is about how things happen. Poor project managers think that if they follow a methodology they are running their project the right way, but that is not the Way.  The Way cannot be found and it cannot be learned, it simply is. The wise project manager runs his project by following natural laws and the single principle, for this is the Way of the Project Manager. 

The Tao

Lao Tzu tells us:

The Tao is like a well,  

It is used, but never used up.  

It is like an eternal void,  

But filled with infinite possibilities.