Thursday, February 10, 2022

Simple Wisdom


The immunotherapy treatment is taking its toll on me in a number of ways, the most recent is arrythmia, which is leaving me feeling quite unstable. After numerous scans and other examinations it sounds like I am going to need to start taking blood thinners to prevent blod clots and a possible stroke. But first I have to have yet another CT scan and ECG and talk to my general practitioner, which will be another two weeks. Meantime life goes on...

Agile Time Management

I have now finished the draft of the first chapter and am awaiting feedback from son David (the Agile expert) and wife Anna (the language expert). At the moment I'm not totally sure if it is going to work so I might seek wider feedback. Meantime I am still experimenting with my bread making and writing up the story of my life. This last is for my son and daughter and is what I wish my father had done for me. I'm actually quite enjoying it but I must make it a bit more humorous, I don't want it to be a dull read.

The Way

The poor project manager is ambitious and eager for success. He wants to get on and needs to demonstrate how clever he is, but this only creates havoc for the project team, who will feel ignored or worthless. The wise project manager ignores how people percieve them and concentates instead on what the team need to do thier work effectively and protects them from external inteference. 

Getting things done will happen in a calm way, the team doesn't have to look busy, just effective. If the team act normally and co-operate with one another, they will achieve great things. The wise project manager makes sure the team functions well and that what they do is effective. This is simple wisdom, for it is the way of the project manager.

The Tao

Lao Tzu tells us:


Do not glorify great men, 

And the people will not quarrel. 

Do not treasure valuable possessions, 

And the people will not become thieves. 

Do not show them temptation, 

And they will not be confused.  


Therefore the sage would lead by: 

Emptying people’s minds, 

And filling their stomachs. 

By weakening their ambitions, 

And strengthening their bodies.  

If people lack cunning and desire, 

Those who scheme will not dare to meddle. 

Practice not doing and all will be well.