Saturday, July 26, 2014

72: Being Humble

A project manager has to be able to speak openly about issues with the project team, even if it could risk causing offence to some team members.  It makes sense to balance this by understanding about their work and any other problems they may have and not put undue pressure on them.  There are always new things to discover and understand when working with people.  It is very humbling.  

The Way  
The wise project manager lives in harmony with spiritual values.  There is a way of knowing that is higher than reason.  There is a self, greater than egocentricity.  The wise project manager demonstrates the power of selflessness and the unity of all creation.  

When the people do not fear terror,  
There will be a great terror.  
Respect their dwelling places.  
Do not dislike their work.  
By not disliking, they will not dislike.  

Therefore the sage naturally understands,  
But is not self-promoting.  
Self-loving not self-promoting.  
Therefore he lets go of one,  
And chooses the other.  

Friday, July 18, 2014

71: Not Knowing

As Al Gore once tried to say: no one has all the answers and knowing that you don’t know everything is far wiser than thinking that you know a lot when maybe you don’t.  It’s a shame he got a little confused somewhere along the line.

As a project manager I might be able to do some things right and I might even be able to ask the right questions sometimes, but technically it’s the team that provides the answers.  
Poor project managers are afraid of looking foolish, so they often pretend to know about something when really they don’t.  

The Way  
The wise project manager has learned it is painful to fake knowledge.  Being wise and not wanting the pain, the wise project manager does not indulge in pretending.  He can happily say: I don’t know when he doesn’t know the answer.  

Know not knowing first.  
Not knowing is sickness.  
Being sick of sickness, 
Then one is not sick.  
The sage is not sick, 
Being sick of sickness.  
Therefore he is not sick.  

Friday, July 11, 2014

70: Simple Wisdom

There is nothing new in the way of the project manager.  It is simple and easy to understand as it goes back to basic principles.  Poor project managers do not understand this approach; perhaps it is too simple and basic to attract their attention.  They prefer something more radical and innovative, as that is what gets them noticed.  

The Way  
The wise project manager stays with the single principle of how everything happens and does nothing new or original.  But paradoxically the wise project manager appeals to very few followers, just to those who recognise that traditional wisdom is a treasure, which can often lay hidden beneath a very ordinary appearance.  The wise project manager keeps things simple and easy to understand and cherishes the way.  

My words are very easy to understand,  
Very easy to act on.  
Yet in the world no man understands,  
Or acts on them.  

My words have ancient beginnings.  
My deeds are noble.  
As men do not understand,  
Thus I am not understood.  

He that understands me is rare,  
In that way I am honoured.  
Thus the sage wears coarse clothing,  
And cherishes the jewel in his heart.  

Friday, July 04, 2014

69: Fight or Flight

If a member of the project team wants to pick a fight with you, consider the strategy of a great guerrilla leader, such as Fidel Castro or Che Guevara.  Never seek a fight and if one comes to you, yield and step back.  It is far better to step back than to overstep yourself.  Your strength is your awareness of what is happening.  Your weapon is the light of your consciousness.  

The Way  
The foolish project manager initiates the attack and is therefore off centre and easily thrown. The wise project manager has respect for any attacker.  He advances only when there is no resistance.  If you make a point, do not cling to it.  If you win, be gracious.  The wise project manager never surrenders their compassion nor uses their skill to harm anyone needlessly.  He knows that in the end, the more compassionate will win.  

I dare not advance an inch but prefer to withdraw ten.  
This is called acting without action,  
Seizing without weapons,  
Pushing without resistance,  
Managing without weapons.  

There is no greater disaster than underestimating the enemy.  
Underestimating the enemy, 
I will lose my treasures.  
Therefore when battle is joined,  
The more compassionate will win.