Friday, July 06, 2012

41: Disturbing Wisdom

People who do not see how things happen are sceptical about the wise project manager’s behaviour. It is not easy to understand a person whose foundation is invisible. But this is the way things happen.

The Tao
Lao Tsu tells us:

The wise student hears of the Tao and practices it diligently.
The average student hears of the Tao and gives it thought now and again.
The foolish student hears of the Tao and laughs aloud.
If there were no laughter, the Tao would not be what it is.

Hence it is said:
The bright path seems dim;
Going forward seems like retreat;
The easy way seems hard;
The highest virtue seems empty;
Great purity seems sullied;
A wealth of virtue seems inadequate;
The strength of virtue seems frail;
Real virtue seems unreal;
The perfect square has no corners;
Great talents ripen later;
The highest notes are hard to hear;
The greatest form has no shape.
The Tao is hidden and without a name.
The Tao alone nourishes and brings everything to fulfilment.


Chucky said...

Hi, Quick note - i am starting PM and find this type of information priceless. Thank you. I have not read most of the blog entries but will go through them as i progress through the PM coursware. I have read the PMBOK and now starting Prince2. Is this a reasonable direction to take?. Thanks again PM Blogger. From Laurence in South Africa.

P M Blogger said...

Hi Chuky - good luck with your PM - great way to go. PMBOK, PRINCE2 nd APM BOK are all good about the 'what' of project management (they all sit on my bookshelf and I do reference them from time to time). Just remember they need to be interpreted with common sense and never treat them as set in stone.