Friday, August 10, 2012

46: No Win/No Lose

There should be no personal wins and no personal losses in project team work. The wise project manager knows that the only thing that matters is the team. If the project manager nurtures the team they will be successful.

The Tao
Lao Tsu tells us:

When the Tao is in the universe,
The horses haul manure.
When the Tao is absent from the universe,
War horses are bred outside the city.

There is no greater sin than desire,
No greater curse than discontent,
No greater misfortune than wanting something for oneself.
Therefore he who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.


Anonymous said...

PM Blogger,
I'm also an old PM who recently started to blog, write, and think about Tao after a trip to China. I'm really enjoying your blog after reading a few posts. Thanks,

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P M Blogger said...

Thanks Glenn and I like your blog.

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