Friday, September 07, 2012

50: A Matter of Life and Death

The wise project manager knows that everything comes and goes so there is no point in grasping for or clinging to things. Why worry about what might or might not happen?

The Tao
Lao Tsu tells us:

Between birth and death,
Three in ten are followers of life,
Three in ten are followers of death,
And men just passing from birth to death also number three in ten.
Why is this so?
Because they live their lives on the gross level.

He who knows how to live can walk abroad
Without fear of rhinoceros or tiger.
He will not be wounded in battle.
For in him rhinoceroses can find no place to thrust their horn,
Tigers no place to use their claws,
And weapon no place to pierce.
Why is this so?
Because he has no place for death to enter.

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