Friday, January 04, 2013

02: Try Softer

Project 2013 in Easy Steps
Managed to get three more chapters done this week, two to go, but the next one is the toughest as all the report features have changed. I’ve been having problems trying to convert the screen shot images to CMYK in Paintshop Photo Pro X3 so I’m leaving them as RBG and hope the publishers can convert them.

The Way
I once received some excellent advice from a ski coach.  He said that I should try softer rather than trying harder.  “Imagine that the handles of the ski poles are little canaries in your hands”.  Several dead canaries later I finally stopped trying so hard and it worked!  Of course I immediately got very excited at my success, crossed my skis and had a spectacular crash!  The way is not always without a sense of humor.  

Everyone sees some things as excellent,  
Therefore other things become bad.  
Everyone sees some things as good,  
Therefore other things are not good.  

Extracted from “The Way of the Project Manager” by John Carroll (ISBN 978-1481076111), published by CreateSpace and available from Amazon in hard copy and on Amazon Kindle.


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