Friday, March 01, 2013

07: Selflessness

Australia now seems like a distant memory back in the gloom of a wintry England, but the sun is almost breaking through the clouds and it will soon be spring! On the project front “Project 2013 in easy steps” is ready, I am just waiting for Microsoft to release Project 2013 Standard so I can check my assumptions about the differences between it and Project 2013 Professional.

The Way
A selfish project manager will alienate the project team, or worse still, the team will think that is the correct way to behave and start to develop similar characteristics.  The wise project manager shows enlightened leadership through service.  He puts the well-being of the team above that of himself, for this is the way of the project manager. 

The sage stays behind,  
And proceeds.  
Is detached from all things,  
And continues.  
By not having a personal agenda,  
He is able to accomplish great things.  

Based on “The Way of the Project Manager” by John Carroll (ISBN 978-1481076111), published by CreateSpace and available from Amazon in hard copy and on Amazon Kindle.

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