Friday, May 09, 2014

63: Handling Difficulties

All projects run into difficulties from time to time and poor project managers may well be responsible for some of these difficulties themselves.  Some project managers actually seem to encourage difficulties by their actions.  Even worse, some project managers try to ignore difficult situations, but this can result in the need for hectic activities from the team to sort out the problem when they finally face up to it.  

The Way  
The wise project manager knows how to act effectively and stays aware and remaining unbiased.  By being aware he will know what is happening; and will not act rashly.  By being unbiased, he can act in a balanced and centred manner.  When difficulties do occur, he breaks things down into their constituent parts and deals with each in turn.  

Act without motive.  
Work without working.  
Taste the tasteless.  
Make big the small, make many the few.  

Repay resentment with virtue.  
Plan the difficult as if it is easy.  
In the world difficult things must be treated as easy.  
In the world big things must be treated as small.  

Thus the sage never does the big,  
And can therefore accomplish the big.  
Easy promise is rarely reliable.  
Taking things carelessly ensures great difficulty.  

Thus the sage considers things as difficult,  
Therefore never has difficulty.  

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