Saturday, July 26, 2014

72: Being Humble

A project manager has to be able to speak openly about issues with the project team, even if it could risk causing offence to some team members.  It makes sense to balance this by understanding about their work and any other problems they may have and not put undue pressure on them.  There are always new things to discover and understand when working with people.  It is very humbling.  

The Way  
The wise project manager lives in harmony with spiritual values.  There is a way of knowing that is higher than reason.  There is a self, greater than egocentricity.  The wise project manager demonstrates the power of selflessness and the unity of all creation.  

When the people do not fear terror,  
There will be a great terror.  
Respect their dwelling places.  
Do not dislike their work.  
By not disliking, they will not dislike.  

Therefore the sage naturally understands,  
But is not self-promoting.  
Self-loving not self-promoting.  
Therefore he lets go of one,  
And chooses the other.  

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