Friday, July 07, 2017

Creative Energy

We had our AGM at the rugby club this week. Good turnout (probably because we opened the bar and had free food) and there was a good bit of lively discussion.

Creativity in projects often comes from the interaction between opposites. If everyone on the project is in total harmony and agreement things will be very peaceful but there will be no spark. Getting the team round a table and discussing an issue or a challenge can often lead to sparks flying but that can prove to be a very creative process.  

The Way 
A poor project manager will try to force others to do what they want and will ultimately be undone by it. The wise project manager acts in a facilitation role rather than trying to drive the team. In some ways a wise project manager is more of a follower than a leader. His role is to foster and encourage the creativity of the team members. 

In order to lead the wise project manager learns how to follow. In order to prosper the wise project manager learns to run the project simply. The natural balance of nature and of the team will ensure the right outcome. Follow others, live simply and encourage the creativity of the team, this is the Way.  

The Tao  
Lao Tzu tells us: 

Tao begot the one.  
The one begot the two.  
The two begot the three.  
And the three begot the ten thousand things.  

The ten thousand things depend on the female,  
And embrace the male.  
Men dislike that which is helpless, insignificant or bad,  
But this is how kings and lords describe themselves.  

When things diminish, they will increase.  
When things increase, they will diminish.  
That which is strong has no control over its death.  
This will be the basis of my teaching.  


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