Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ending and Beginning

Chapter 81 was the last chapter of the Tao so this is the end of the cycle. But it is a cyclical process so out of the ending comes a new beginning. 

I have tried through this blog and “The Way of the Project Manager” to pass on my thoughts about the how of project management. Hopefully it has helped to open your mind and perhaps understood a little more. Now it is your turn to pass on that wisdom to others. The Way is in front of you, be confident.

The Way is not complex, the Way is simple.
Follow the simplest path, it is The Way.

The wise project manager seeks inner peace,
With inner peace comes understanding.

The wise project manager relishes not doing,
For this is the way of the project manager.

Stop Press

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Unknown said...

Been following this blog for 18 months.. love it! Just ordered the book off Amazon... Sure it will be so worthwhile..;-)

P M Blogger said...

Hi David, many thanks for your kind feedback, I hope you enjoy it.
Cheers, John.