Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Way Forward

I mentioned in my last post that "The Way of the Project Manager" had been published by Amazon (through Kindle Direct Publishing) and indeed it had. 

But I should have read chapter 64 again! I suddenly had a bolt out of the blue that they were querying the content as it was in the public domain. This surprised me as I took steps to ensure that my final content wasn't the same as on this blog, I even re-translated the text of the Tao so I wasn't infringing anyone else's copyright. Turns out that the good folk at PM Toolbox have been posting all my blogs on their web site as well so they virtually had my penultimate draft on line.  I have already reduced my comments to a summary on this blog as I've been finishing off each chapter and I will ask PM Toolbox if they can kindly do the same.

Anyhow Amazon seem satisfied that it really is my work so they are going ahead with the Kindle version and continuing working on the print version.

There are no obstacles on the way,
The obstacles are the Way.

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