Friday, November 08, 2013

39: The Root of Things

Project Program and Portfolio Management
I am well into writing chapter six now (Implementing Program Management) and it is all starting to fall into place quite nicely. It’s interesting how much the Capability Maturity Model features (something I spent a lot of time promoting back in my working days) and how critical having at the very least a well-established Project Office in place before moving into Program Management. It really is the root of project, program and portfolio management maturity.

Sometimes when things start to get difficult on a project it is tempting to abandon the way.  But when we try to interfere with nature, nothing works right.  Things start to go wrong, the project team becomes disillusioned and the project ends up failing.  

The Way  
Success comes through cooperation and providing a service to others.  The wise project manager nurtures the team, cooperates with them and is their servant, this is true leadership.  Potency comes from knowing what is happening and acting accordingly.  Freedom comes from obedience to the natural order.  This way the project progresses, the team is happy and the project is in harmony with nature.  

If the sky was not pure it would split open,  
If the earth was not tranquil it would erupt,  
If the spirits were not spiritual they would vanish,  
If the valley was not abundance it would wither,  
If the ten thousand things were not alive they would be extinct,  
If the rulers did not lead they would be toppled.  

Therefore cheap is the root of expensive,  
Low is the root of high.  
Do not wish to be shiny like jade,  
Be dull like a rock.  

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Richard Larson said...

Very true, John. A good PM would know that projects succeed only because there was harmony and cooperation between team members. Nice post!