Friday, November 01, 2013

38: Virtuous Leadership

The Project
I’ve got the material for the first four chapters of “Project Program and Portfolio Management in easy steps” ready now: Introduction plus one chapter on each of Projects, Programs and Portfolios. I’ve roughly worked out what the remaining chapters will be about but they will probably change a bit as I work through them. I’ve sent the publishers a synopsis so hopefully they will get some positive feedback from their main customers.

Back in the days when I used to run project management courses, I used an exercise to get the delegates to describe the characteristics of the most effective and ineffective managers they had ever known.  I would write their positive and negative characteristics on two flip charts and some of the negative flip charts we produced were hilarious if not scurrilous.  

The Way  
Poor project managers may try to behave in what they think is the ‘right way’ for a project manager to behave.  They act busy but never seem to achieve anything.  The wise project manager is aware of what is happening in the team and acts accordingly.  He doesn’t try to do anything, he just does the right thing.  

True goodness is not virtuous,  
Because it has virtue.  
A foolish person tries to be good,  
Therefore has no virtue.  
The sage does nothing,  
Yet leaves nothing undone.  
A foolish man is always doing,  
Yet much remains to be done.  

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