Friday, June 20, 2014

67: Three Qualities

The sun is shining and all seems right with the world. It’s amazing what the weather can do to one’s outlook.  Not only that, it’s Friday and The Bride Inn beckons.  Are they both part of the single principle?

The single principle of how everything happens is great, but the project managers who follow it know they are in fact quite ordinary.  Having a great ego does not make a project manager great it has quite the opposite effect.  A project manager who is filled with self-interest cannot be caring or courageous.  Project managers who act in a superior way, are not superior they are poor project managers.  

The Way  
The wise project manager knows that there are three qualities that are invaluable to the leader: compassion for all; a material simplicity or frugality; and a sense of humility.  A compassionate person acts in the belief of everyone’s right to life.  Material simplicity gives one an abundance to share.  A sense of humility is, paradoxically, one’s true greatness.  These qualities sustain life because we are all one.  When we care for the team members, we enhance the energy of the whole team.  

I have three treasures which I possess and guard.  
The first is compassion,  
The second is frugality;  
The third is humility.  

From compassion comes courage,  
From frugality comes generosity,  
And from humility comes leadership.  

Nowadays men forsake compassion and try to be courageous,  
Forsake economy and try to be generous,  
Forsake humility and try to be first.  
This is certain death.  

A compassionate man is able to contest,  
Then the strength to protect.  
Nature helps, compassion protects.  

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