Friday, June 27, 2014

68: Opportunities

The Project
In Easy Steps are currently proofing Project Program and Portfolio Management and they have asked for a few minor changes which I’ve completed so it shouldn’t be long now, but these things always take time.  Sourdough Bread Made Easy (absolutely nothing to do with project management for a change) has now been published by CreateSpace and is available from Amazon in hard copy and Kindle format.

“Fools rush in” as the old saying goes and that applies to poor project managers.  Good generals do not rush into battle, they prepare and offer the enemy the opportunity of making a self-defeating error.  Good project managers do not achieve success through constraints and limitations, they achieve success by providing opportunities.  

The Way  
Good leadership is about motivating people to achieve at the highest levels by offering them opportunities, not obligations.  That is how things happen naturally.  The wise project manager is patient and humble.  He knows that life is an opportunity and not an obligation.  

A good soldier is not violent.  
A good fighter is not angry.  
A good victor is not vengeful.  
A good manager is humble.  
This one might call not contesting.  
This one might call the ability to use others.  
This one might call the ultimate principle of the ancients.  

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