Saturday, August 09, 2014

74: Fear and Punishment

In most projects there will be issues with some of the team not being able to complete their allocated tasks on time.  The poor project manager tries to act as judge, jury and executioner instead of allowing nature to take its course.  He admonishes people when they don’t do something they should have.  But punishing people is not an effective way of controlling their behaviour.  The poor project manager will eventually find that punishing others will end up hurting himself.  

The Way  
The wise project manager knows that there are natural consequences for every act.  His role is to shed light on these natural consequences.  He helps people to understand what is going on rather than attacking their behaviour.  

If the people are not afraid to die,  
It is no use to threaten them with death.  
If people constantly fear death,  
And any breaking the law I can seize and kill,  
Who would dare?  

The official executioner kills.  
As to he who tries to take his place,  
This is like trying to be the master carpenter cutting wood.  
He who cuts in place of the master carpenter,  
Seldom escapes injury to his hand.  

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