Friday, August 15, 2014

75: Without Motive

The Project
Project Program and Portfolio Management in easy steps is finally at the printers.  I had a last minute query about the lack of a comma and have added an explanation to the author’s notes so it should be available any day now.  They really are a great team at In Easy Steps.

Poor project managers try to take the credit when their teams do something good or achieve something notable.  This means the team begin to feel their work is not appreciated and won’t try so hard the next time.  Then poor project managers try to put pressure on their teams in an effort to get more work done but it just makes the team unresponsive.  

The Way  
The wise project manager is not greedy, selfish, defensive or demanding.  He has no hidden motive and knows that he can trust events to unfold naturally.  

The people are hungry,  
Because the rulers take too much tax.  
Therefore there is hunger.  

The people are difficult to govern,    
Because the rulers interfere too much.  
Therefore they are difficult to govern.  

People make light of death,  
Because their search for life is substantial.  
Therefore they take death lightly.  

He who lives without motive,  
Is talented at appreciating life.  

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