Friday, October 25, 2013

37: Doing Little

The Project
I am now well into the new book “Project Program and Portfolio Management in easy steps”. I’ve got the material together for the introduction and the first three chapters. Still a lot more to get together before I can start turning it into easy steps. It’s been quite a hard week so I smiled when I saw my topic for today.

Many years ago I coined the phrase “constructive laziness” to describe my approach to work, which some people find difficult to understand.  I don’t always take the easiest option but I do take the option that will require the least effort in the long run.  So it sometimes appears to people that I do very little.  They are of course absolutely right; I do as little as possible.  

The Way  
Some people get confused when a project manager appears to be doing very little and yet things still seem to get done.  But the wise project manager knows that is how things work.  The Tao does nothing, yet everything gets done.  

The poor project manager appears to be too busy, always rushing about so nothing actually gets done.  When the wise project manager finds himself getting too busy, he takes a step back, returns to selfless silence and centers himself.  Being centered creates order and when there is order, there is little to do.  

Tao abides in non-action,  
Yet nothing is left undone.  
When kings are able to conform to this,  
The ten thousand things will develop naturally.  

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