Friday, March 14, 2014

56: Consciousness

The Project
The final chapter has passed first scrutiny and now awaits feedback from my peer reviewers. They are really great and have given me excellent feedback all along so I eagerly await their comments on the last few chapters. 

There are some project managers who are easy to deal with and some who are so bloody-minded it’s unbelievable.  Prevarication and technical jargon are their stock in trade, but all they succeed in doing is confusing their team and everyone else around them.  They do not understand the way.  

The Way  
The wise project manager knows that words cannot capture the true nature of events so he does not try to use them.  The wise project manager knows that what cannot be said can still be demonstrated, if he remains silent and conscious.  Consciousness sheds light on what is happening.  It clarifies conflicts and harmonises agitated individuals or groups.  His consciousness is not idealistic; it rests on a pragmatic knowledge of how things work.  There are no obstacles on the way, the obstacles are the way.  

He who knows does not talk.  
He who talks does not know.  
Close the mouth.  
Shut the door.  
Dim the cleverness.  
Untangle the knot.  
Join the dust.  
This can be called consciousness.  
This is the highest state of man.  

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Jon Rogers said...

Interesting PM blog and best of luck with your book!

You make a great point in this post. While our techniques to manage projects may be complex, there's no need to over-complicate our communications.