Friday, March 21, 2014

57: Interfere Less

Some project managers need to feel that the team is dependent on them.  In order to do this they interfere with the work of the team and make all the decisions themselves.  This reduces the freedom and responsibility of the team members.  The more coercive the project manager becomes, the more resistant the team members become.  Manipulation breeds evasion.  This is not the way to run a project.  

The wise project manager establishes an open and honest climate for the team and as a result the team acts in an open manner.  The project manager’s job is to facilitate the work of the team and keep them informed about what is happening on the project.  He interferes as little as possible because interference, no matter how brilliant, creates a dependency.  

The Way  
When the project manager practices silence, the team remains focused.  When the project manager does not impose rules, the team discovers its own goodness.  When the project manager acts unselfishly, the team simply does what is to be done.  Good leadership consists of doing less and being more.  

When there is much to fear and much forbidden,  
The people become poorer.  
When people have many sharp weapons,  
The state and country become confused.  
When people become cunning,  
Strange things occur.  

The more rules and regulations,  
The more thieves and malefactors abound.  
Therefore the sage says:  
I am without motive and people reform themselves,  
I enjoy peace and people correct themselves,  
I have no personal agenda and the people enrich themselves,  
I have no desires and people return to the natural state.  

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