Friday, March 28, 2014

58: Facilitation

The Project
Had some more excellent feedback from Graham and David for the book. A few typos and a lot of helpful suggestions. Final proof reading over the weekend and submit it to the publishers on Monday. All being well it should be published by the end of April. It is great to have friends and former colleagues that you can rely on for help, support and facilitation.

Poor project managers try to control their teams and the processes they use.  But by doing this they interfere with the natural process and end up by making it chaotic.  The team process should evolve naturally and be self-regulating.  If the project manager interferes or tries to control the process, it will usually fail.  

The Way  
The wise project manager learns to trust what is happening in the project team.  If there is silence, let it grow and something will emerge.  If there is a storm, let it rage and it will resolve itself into calm.  If the team is unhappy about something let it sort it out.  The wise project manager facilitates the unfolding team process.  He knows how to have a profound influence without making things happen.  

When the country is lightly governed,  
The people are genuine and honest.  
When the country is ruled with severity,  
The people will know deficiency. 
Therefore the sage is: 
Sharp but not cutting,  
Incorrupt but does not injure,  
Straightforward but not showy,  
Enlightened but not brilliant.  

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