Friday, February 07, 2014

52: Remaining Flexible

The Project
I had some excellent feedback from two of the friends I sent chapter one to for peer review and it really helped me to sort it out. Hopefully it is now looking good but I await with some trepidation what they make of chapter two.

The Way  
Everything in the universe consists of polarities and project management is no different, typically it involves polarities of time, cost and scope (the iron triangle).  You can’t have more of one without a balancing change of one or both of the others.  Knowledge of this gives the wise project manager stability.  

From knowing how things work, the wise project manager also knows the importance of remaining flexible.  Everything that grows is flexible and all enduring strength is flexible.  The poor project manager tries to do and say too much, he is rigid and will break rather than develop.  

The wise project manager remains flexible and will therefore endure.  He is not afraid of losing for he has nothing to lose.  He is not afraid of dying for he is an aspect of the eternal; his home is the womb of creation, dying is going home.  

The world had a beginning,  
Which one might think of as the mother.  
When the mother is known,  
We can know her children.  
Knowing her children,  
We can hold on to the mother,  
Dying is not dangerous.  

Close the mouth,  
Close the senses,  
And life is free from suffering.  
Open your mouth, interfering,  
And life is beyond hope.  

Seeing details is called clarity,  
Remaining flexible speaks of strength.  
Using perspective,  
Return to clarity.  
This is called practicing constancy.  

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