Friday, February 14, 2014

53: Materialism

The Project
I’ve started getting some excellent feedback/ideas/suggestions for Project, Program and Portfolio Management in easy steps from my peer reviewers. It’s great to have worked with some really talented colleagues over the years and ones that are prepared to help with a personal project like writing a book. Reviewing a friend’s work is not the easiest thing to do as it sometimes raises difficult decisions, do you tell them what you really think or keep quiet?

When faced with a difficult decision some project managers agonize about it for ages.  Should they do this or should they do that?  But for those that follow The Way, it is simple, it is always the easiest path to take.  Be still, be quiet and the way will become clear.  

The Way
Some project managers like to surround themselves with the trappings of success.  Fancy cars, lots of certificates for every course they have been able to attend (whether they needed it or not).  This busy path creates an exaggerated materialism, but excessive consumption is only possible by exploiting other people.  Did someone who really did need a course not go on it because of them?  

The world’s wealth is not evenly distributed and it’s getting ever worse.  Some have a great deal, while most have very little.  Everyone knows that we are running out of enough resources to go around.  Yet those who already have a lot still want more and more.  They brag about how much they have, but they got it by manipulating other people.  

The wise project manager leads a quiet and meditative life.  He does not seek to take more from the world than he needs.  He follows the simplest path and his projects will therefore be successful.  

The great Tao is plain and clear,  
But people love diversions.  
When the court is remote,  
The fields are barren and overgrown,  
The granaries are empty,  
Officials wear fine clothes,  
Carry sharp swords,  
Over indulge themselves with food and drink,  
Acquire excessive wealth.  
This is called robbery and bragging,  
It is not the way of the Tao!  

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