Friday, February 28, 2014

55: Enlightenment

The Project
I’ve spent most of this week working on the index to the book (a fairly tedious task in InDesign) but I’m nearly there at last.  Also at last it’s Friday so I’m off down to the Bridge Inn for a pint of something interesting after work.  It’s amazing how often I find enlightenment there!

As we get into the middle to later stages of a project the pressure of work, shortage of funds and the need to fix problems can start to take a toll on some team members.  The issue for the project manager is not only how to energize and keep the team motivated, but how to keep themselves motivated as well.  

We can all recognize the signs of a poor project manager when their shoulders start to droop and their face takes on a haggard look.  They can’t get what they need done and increasingly start to rush about; getting stressed and causing stress.  They get themselves worked up about things and start working themselves into the ground.  It becomes a downward spiral for them and the project team.  

The Way  
The wise project manager builds commitment by influencing, delegating, negotiating, team building and creating ownership (the soft skills).  He appears to be trouble free.  Problems are dealt with as they arise and cease to be problems.  He is relaxed, has time to smile and even sing (although he does not necessarily have a wonderful voice, it always raises a smile) and he can keep it up all day.  He is not excited, he is enlightened and enlightenment brings a continuous flow of energy.  

He who is filled with virtue,  
Is like a new born child.  
Wasps and snakes will not sting him.  
Wild beasts do not seize him.  
Grasping birds will not strike.  

His bones are weak, his muscles are soft,  
But his grip is sure.  
This is perfect harmony.  
Knowing harmony is constancy.  
Knowing constancy is enlightenment.  

To improve life speaks of the ominous.  
To control energy speaks of forcing.  
The exalted become decadent.  
This is not the way of the Tao.  
Whatever is contrary to the Tao will not last long.  


Diana said...

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P M Blogger said...

Interesting comment Diana, not quite sure it has any bearing on the subject of enlightenment. Did you even read my post? Sounds more like a plug for the PMI (you don't by any chance work for them do you ;o)

Jenny Spears said...

I found as a project manager its almost impossible to keep my staff motivated all the time. I think its important to have self motivated people on the team to begin with.