Friday, February 21, 2014

54: Ripple Effect

The Project
Still getting great feedback on the draft book from my peer reviewers (thanks guys). I think it’s starting to look quite good.  I am lucky to have worked with some great project managers, but I have also worked with some poor ones.

Poor project managers can have a really negative influence on their team.  Like rotten apples in a barrel they can infect those around them.  The ripple effect works because everyone has an influence on everyone else.  The more powerful the person is, the more powerful their influence will be.  

The Way  
The wise project manager grounds himself in the single principle so that his behavior is wholesome and effective.  This positive behavior influences the project team.  If the project team is positive and works well, then that team influences other project teams.  If all the project teams work well, then they influence the organization.  If the organization works well, it influences other organizations and so on.  

What is well established cannot be uprooted.  
What is well cherished abides.  
Generations will commemorate it forever.  
Cultivate it in yourself,  
Its virtue will be real.  
Cultivate it in the family,  
Its virtue will be abundant.  
Cultivate it in the village,  
Its virtue will be lasting.  
Cultivate it in the nation,  
Its virtue will abound.  
Cultivate it in the world,  
Its virtue will be everywhere.  

How do I know this is true?  
By looking inside myself.  

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